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What to do if you have not sold your home in 90 days…

1. You may not be priced well. If you have not had any traffic, you are priced way to high. Probably close to 15% over market value. If you are getting some traffic but no offers, you may be 5%-10% over market value! Consider this scale when thinking about what to do on day 90.

2. Consider the marketing. I believe in marketing. Sit with your agent and ask them what they have done to market the home in the last 90 days. If you are not satisfied, ask them what else they intend to do! If you are satisfied with their marketing, go back to #1!

3. Get creative! Sometimes agents can help you get creative with selling your home. Speak with the professional you hired and come up with ideas that could help bring exposure to your home. Maybe a Broker Invite Only Cocktail is in order.


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