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My Sweet Miami - Post Hurricane Irma


Sept 15th, 2017

With Irma headed our way all of Miami was on a rampage.  And rampage is the right word.  People fighting at stores over bottles of water and arguing about who was first in line for gas.  Nothing like a CAT 5 hurricane coming your way to bring out the ugly in poeple.  But thats just the crazies.  The rest of Miami was working together to bunker down and help each other survive.  Neighbors banding together to make sure everyone was okay for the storm.

Lets face it.  We dodged a serious bullet on this one.  All of Florida was affected but not at the level it could have been.  We are without light, power, AC, water and more.  But we have homes!  If this CAT 5 would have hit us head on, we would have been in a world of hurt and disaster.  We are blessed to be in the position we are in as inconvenient as it may seem.  My homes still is without power and Im starting to feel like I have moved into my in-laws house.  Every day I check my house for power and when I dont find it, I grab another set of clothes for the next day!  Our office has power but no Internet.  For a real estate office, thats a useless office!  So we are struggling to get back to work.

For real estate - thank goodness we still have a product to sell!!!  For some, it would have been a great loss to loose a home - but for us real estate professionals it would have been a loss of a career.  There are ways to think around the box.  If you are a pro at Real Estate then you immediately start working with investors to get some of the homes that were completely destroyed under contract.  This brings relief to the homeowner who has suffered extreme loss and the investor looking to make the neighborhood strong again.  Think about what you can do in your career to help people.  To help the area and the neighborhood recover.

Huge shout out to FPL and COMCAST for working so diligently to get everyone back on track.  A bigger shout out to the people of Miami and South Florida.  We are a community like no other.  

Sept 18th, 2017

Update:  We finally have power in our home.  All we need now is Internet.  The office still does not have internet but Comcast has committed to coming to my office today between 9-11am to get us back up and running.  Thank goodness.  

Photo credit to (Instagram) @bryan_alexander69 

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