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Kurz Real Estate is Nominated for Most Innovative Brokerage Award

Inman News Conference

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco for the Inman Connect 2017 conference that brought together scores of agents, brokers, CEO’s and more to collaborate and learn. Eric Morales and myself were thrilled to be a part of such a synergetic event, but more so for being among the nominated companies; Kurz Real Estate was nominated for the Most Innovative Brokerage in the Country Award. 


 Eric Morales and David Kurz

Although Kurz Real Estate did not take home the award, we took with us new resources in the industry, information and tips to implement, and the inspiration of being counted alongside huge industry leaders nominated for the same award. We met and shared techniques with marketing executives, entrepreneurs, and saw glimpses of the future of real estate technology- all of which is invaluable information we can now apply to Kurz. 

 Inman Conference


The future of this company has a long way to go and we could not be more hopeful of what is to come, especially in moments like Inman where such a large community of our peers come together to nominate Kurz. A community that knew Kurz had the innovation to compete with companies across the country 3 to 4 times the size of where we are now- a true David and Goliath moment. I am honored to be nominated within one year of being in business, and cannot be more excited for the coming years.

We stood shoulder to shoulder with giants and can now look to the coming successes of our team at Kurz R.E, our family.


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