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5 Tips for Back to School

It’s that time of the year again!!  Thats right - everyone is about to flood Facebook and Instagram with photos of the kids on their way to day one at school!!!  Parents will have relief and stress all at the same time for the next 9-10 months!!  They will know where the kids are all day and feel secure about that, but they will also have to deal with school trips, supplies, projects, fights and sooooo much more!  Get ready guys because we are full force right now.  Here are 5 simple tips to help you with your entry into the new school year.  

1 - Prepare for Traffic.  Every year people forget how much easier traffic flows where there are no active school zones.  Get ready for thousands of 15 MPH zone going live twice a day.  Give yourself time to get your kids to school and be able to handle the traffic.  Also, keep in mind its the first day - so no one knows what they are doing.  Be patient and get through it!  If you don’t have kids, well you still have to deal with the traffic.  So prepare yourself.  

2 - Security is KEY when it comes to your kids.  When you go crazy posting their pictures on Social Media for the world to see, lets leave out some key info.  Such as their names, what school they are going to and what time they come out.  So much information is passed on Social Media and it makes it easy for anyone to play the role of “Mommy asked me to pick you up” moments before you arrive.  This is a real thing.  Take it seriously.  Secure your babies.

3 - School Supplies.  Probably not a good idea to wait for the last minute to purchase school supplies.  Parents go NUTS at the stores with last minute shopping and they mean business!  I prefer Amazon Prime - delivery in 2 days, you get all the supplies you need and you don’t have to fight Mrs. Jones for the last composition notebook.

4 - Meet the Teacher.  I feel like now-a-days we are not taking the time to meet the teacher.  We fall into the massive machine of dropping the kids off to the security folks and watching them walk into the school as we drive away.  Then we don’t get the opportunity to meet the one person that will spend most of the day with your children.  The ones that will be influencing them over the next year.  It is your right to make an appointment to meet the teacher.  Know who they are and let them know you are involved in your children’s lives.

5 - Ease right into a routine.  Get your times down pact and make your mornings and evenings as smooth as possible.  If your kids are younger, start teaching them how to be responsible for certain tasks in the morning and give them chores for the evening.  Lay out clothes the evening before so they wake up and go into auto pilot to get dressed.  Brush their own teeth.  When they get older, leave the cereal accessible so they can serve themselves.  Make your morning as smooth as possible and make them less dependent on you for simple tasks.  In the evening they should go RIGHT INTO homework. Before they get too tired and before you do to!  Be involved - help them - check their book bags daily.  

BONUS TIP - in our busy lives we forget that our kids are going through their very own kind of stressors.  Take time to ask them about their day.  I promise you won’t regret it.  

These simple tips will help you make this 2017-18 year just a little bit smoother!  If you feel like its time for a change and need to move from where you are - make sure you contact us at and visit up at  We will ensure you are aligned with one of our amazing real estate professionals to consult you with your move!  

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