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2018 New Year Message from David Adam Kurz, KURZ RE Broker/ Owner

New year upon us

Reflecting back to a day in my often heatless Bronx apartment upbringing. Cold - mom doubling up the blankets. Super! can’t get the furnaces working.  Rolling in the Oldsmobile on the weekend to get away. Away to Jersey. Away to Queens. Anywhere that wasn’t that Bronx apartment. Mom on a full day work schedule and all night school schedule. Hoping to set the standard for the men she was raising. 

Summers spent running circles in court yards. Looking at the older kids riding the streets. Waiting for the day I’d be the rebel and disobey my mom and “roll out” on the streets. Pushing limits. Drug dealers on the block making the kids feel good. Old Puerto Rican and Dominican men playing Dominos in the basement while their wives cooked. Or sitting outside with the huge lit tape deck playing music at full blast. Looking at summer women walk by. Thought they were setting the example of what manhood should look like.  Not knowing the level of hinderance they were implementing. 

Thank goodness for motivation, Dedication, Change, Structure, Travel, Exploration, Power, Leadership. All things the Marine Corps gave me once I escaped the box and broke the mold. I’ve tasted sand in war and eaten Ramen in Hiroshima. I’ve sat in a truck, in a plane, in a 5 ton, sack and rifle. I’ve tasted first class. Felt the speed of the bullet train, with dreams of private jets.  I’ve watched my mother struggle to pay the one family car. And I’ve owned the majority of my dream cars with my eyes on the real prize.  I have lost friends and gained friendships. 

Bounced around and pushed to the limits. So as 2018 comes in and I look at my most recent past and my more amazing and near fortunate future - I am thankful. 

2017 was a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Kurz Real Estate is on its way to becoming a top 10 contender in S. Florida.  Our agents are learning and adapting to strive for incredible new heights. I am watching lives change everyday. Swagger settle in. Confidence grow. Conversation change to something of business or financial substance. I could not be prouder of the efforts our agents have put forth and my commitment is to help them reach massive levels in 2018. My goal remains at $1B in sales. Our Kurz Agents will hit it because they are committed to their clients and their businesses.  

I have been growing the David Adam Kurz coaching programs and systems. More public speaking. More coaching. More live shows. More webinars. More is coming to 2018. The set up for Real Talk Con has been absolutely amazing. is a dream come true. The ability to hopefully give our industry a push in the most positive direction. The shift could be amazing! Impacting our real estate community is a massive dream of mine. Setting a higher standard through education is a paramount of importance in this industry.  The educated and knowledgeable Realtor stands out significantly.  

I tell you my story in hopes that you have found ways to pass your past.  To learn from it and not allow it to hold you down.  To grow with it and make the future what you want it to be!  There is very little in this world that can hold you down if you are committed to your own success.  Remember - you owe it to yourself to be successful.  You deserve it and so much more.  You need to do this for yourself, for your family and for your community.  

I’m thankful for all we have accomplished in 2017.  I am thankful for my team, my agents, my partners, my family, my office and my businesses.  I am focused on what 2018 will bring.  I know what my plan is and I know what we will accomplish.  We are focused on the goal.  GROW or DIE.  

I wish you well in 2018 and look forward to doing business with you all.  


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